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India ITME Society announces the 2nd edition of ITME AFRICA & M.E 2023
India ITME Society announces ITME AFRICA & M.E. 2023 - unique and exclusive business event with the theme “Prosperity through Textile Technology & Engineering.” The 2nd edition ITME Africa & M.E. is  to be held from 30th Nov – 2nd December 2023, at Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

In ways both subtle and obvious, textiles made our world. It is the right tool to livelihood, prosperity, creativity for both genders across cultures and geography, weaving cultures, communities and nations together. That’s the base for ITME Africa & M.E. 2023 - A signature event by India ITME Society. Not just creating business, but harmony and prosperity together.

ITME Africa & M.E. 2023 is a catalyst striving to transform the textile industry of Africa & Middle East in the coming decades by opening up unlimited opportunities for business, sourcing, collaboration and investment in the Textiles, Textile Engineering, Ancillary & Allied Industry.

Why Africa, Why Kenya?
Despite an enormous untapped potential for trade expansion with Africa & M.E, presently trade with these regions are limited to certain sectors only. There is an enormous potential & opportunity and this is the right time right phase.

India, today is the 2nd largest Textile industry globally and has a strong base in Textile engineering having indigenous companies as well as multinationals manufacturing in India. Thus India is well-positioned as a partner to improve the production and export capacities of emerging Textile Industry of Africa & M.E.  With the growing importance of South-South cooperation, India’s expertise can be leveraged to build textile industry in Africa through the sharing of knowledge and technology.

Along with promoting trade, investment, creating business friendly environment and vibrant private sector this exhibition focuses on working in partnership with the government, business community and other stakeholders. This unique and exclusive business facilitator shall open up an entire continent of new opportunities facilitating business connect with Ethiopia, Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Jordan, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Djibouti, Eritrea and other Countries in Middle East.

With over 80 years of development and fastest growing economy with growing Textile Technology in African continent, Kenya is in the right path to become Africa’s Textile and Apparel Hub. Kenya a major country of African Union & prominent member of AFTA, Nairobi, capital of Kenya shall be the apt city to host this international business & technology event in December 2023, thus facilitating access to Textile Technology, Skill development opportunities, Technology transfer for whole of the continent. With this it shall strengthen its position as a pioneer in modernization of its textile industry and position itself as a pivot for Textile technology upgradation for Africa & M.E focusing on new chapters such as
  • Cotton Seed & Cotton Farming Technology & Equipment,
  • Machinery related to Engineering Products,
  • Home Textile Products
  • Associated Goods and Services for Textile Industry
  • Technical Information Services, Educational Research Institutes & COE’s.
Online bookings open from 3rd April 2023 1300 hrs (IST), India ITME Society welcomes you to the 2nd Series of the strategic International business event ITME Africa & M.E. 2023.

Seema Srivastava
Executive Director
India ITME Society
Dt :3rd April 2023